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Each morning I'll go out into the streets and look for colors

Cesare Pavese

Who’s Bice

I’m Bice Perrini, an artist-chef who designed a creative food project named Coloribo – Eating with Colors. I’m a painter who loves art in all of its shades. I’m specialized in oil painting and visual arts: engraving and watercolor, performances, installations.
Coloribo comes from the Italian words colori (colors) and cibo (food). It is an itinerant taste and cooking workshop that introduces art in the kitchen through colors and nature.


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My Cuisine

Here are some examples of colors to eat

White Menu

White monday: Queen’s salad with fennel, frisé salad, green apples, cucumbers, sesame seeds, almonds and delicate lemon-based dip.


Orange Menu

Wednesday’s menu inspired by Turner’s sunset, based on garden fruits rich in beta-carotene for cardiovascular benefits.


Red Menu

Saturday’s menu is inspired by the Harmoni in Red by Matisse. It reflects the Mediterranean Diet, with garden fruits rich in lycopene and antioxidant anthocyanins that help the digestion.


Yellow Menu

Pumpkin flowers, pepper extract with yellow apple, nuts, corn, caciocavallo cheese and much more.


Coloribo blog

News and events of all colors

What colorfood do you prefer?

Choose a menu and then decide on the formula you like best, you can also decide the regional origin of the seasonal products used. Of course I am Pugliese, but you can choose between the different regional delicacies, because I am a traveling cook and I move around...

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Free lesson : Food-art experience made in Apulia in Botteghe Artigiane Quintino Sella 132 near station of Bari street near station of Bari 132 near the station of Bari

THE NEW WAY TO EAT COLOR  FOLLOWING  MEDITERRANEAN-DIET Coloribo: Mediterranean color-diet  by Bice Perrini  .On 22th of May time 18:30 free entrance in Quintino Sella 132 street by chef and painter Bice Perrini. Booking to cell.+39-3923281905   My names is Bice...

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