Chromatic Cuisine

Coloribo is for those who choose a creative approach to food; those who want to change their eating style to improve their health; those who want to enrich the traditional Mediterranean Diet with more varied and colorful raw and seasonal vegetables. Coloribo proposes vegan, raw vegan or traditional color menus. Meals are organized on a weekly guide based on colors and monochromatic combinations for everyday life and special occasions. Monday menu is white, Tuesday is yellow, Wednesday is orange, Thursday is red, Friday is green, Saturday is purple, Sunday is mix. The base of every colorful menu is a homemade vegetable mash. Meals can be infinite depending on seasonal produce, but the basics are: dried tomato sauce, red beetroot, black olives, green olives, violet, turnip, yellow pepper and artichoke heart.


I think an artist is anybody who does something well, like if you cook well.

Andy Warhol

Colors to eat

Coloribo’s Colors to Eat are real Apulian seasonal vegetables sauces packed in 250gr (180gr net) glass jars. The ingredients are mixed with extra virgin olive oil, lemon, and Mediterranean herbs such as mint and fennel. These sauces are used in the color kitchen and can be purchased by sending an email to or here. The tastes are: red beetroot, purple cherry, dried tomato, black olives, green, artichoke heart, silage, spicy chili pepper, yellow pepper.

My colorful menus

Mediterranean Coloribo week’s Menu

FROM THE RECIPES OF THE PAST WE MAKE THE FOOD of TOMORROW. . Mediterranean Coloribo week’s menu. Based on the Mediterranean diet Coloribo  gives some indication as to a type of weekly color-diet guide. The week is composed of seven days as the seven colors of the...

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New Mediterranean Color-diet by Bice Perrini private-chef      Coloribo is a food-method that is ispired to the colors of Mediterranean-diet, it helps to lose weight, keeps the hearth healthy, reduces the risk of diabetes, it makes it easy to keep fit, stimulates...

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coloribo_pieghevole_interno_INGLESE COLORIBO The New way to eat color following Mediterranean-diet What makes us happy in life? Food is one of the pleasure of life and we remember what brought us pleasure. So with(in this book) Coloribo I try to find a universal...

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Yellow Menu

Yellow Menu Pumpkin flowers, pepper extract with yellow apple, nuts, corn, caciocavallo cheese and much more.Radish salad with strawberries and oblong tomatoes . Yellow symbolizes : Action, movement, vitality, fertility Typical Ingredients are: turmeric, ginger, nuts,...

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White Menu

White Menu’ Coloribo vegetarian menu with biological local produce from Apulia: traditional taste, colors of the land and art inspired innovation. White symbolizes :  Balance, purity, solemnity, a fresh start Typical Ingredients are: vanilla, almond, jasmine, white...

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Red Menu

Red Menu Inspired by the Harmoni in Red by Matisse. It reflects the Mediterranean Diet, with garden fruits rich in lycopene and antioxidant anthocyanins that help the digestion. Red symbolizes :  Excitement, energy, love, passion Typical Ingredients: Red pepper,...

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Orange Menu

Orange Menu Wednesday's menu inspired by Turner's sunset, based on garden fruits rich in beta-carotene for cardiovascular benefits. Orange symbolizes :  Harmony, creativity, ambition, understanding Typical Ingredients are: cloves, marjoram, musk, bran , carrot, lotus,...

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