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Children and families  workshops are fun and colorful parties. The concept is that healthy and artistic food can be made from the garden and can be developed on various themes depending on the location. The intention is to teach about healthy nutrition by exploring a colorful way of eating that reflects the union between tradition and innovation.

Example of kids menu:

  • Colorful bruschetta (bread with vegetable creams)
  • Extracts and natural juices
  • Tasty potatoes
  • Colored pasta
  • Fruit
  • Homemade biscuits
  • Grandma’s cakes (donut, tart, muffin)

Another service we provide for your children is wedding with kids, an entertainment and wedding-food service for children during the weddings.

What colorfood do you prefer?

Choose a menu and then decide on the formula you like best, you can also decide the regional...
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Seafood Dinner with the colors of Mediterranean on Tuesday 30 July in Bari Apulia

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Free lesson : Food-art experience made in Apulia in Botteghe Artigiane Quintino Sella 132 near station of Bari street near station of Bari 132 near the station of Bari

THE NEW WAY TO EAT COLOR  FOLLOWING  MEDITERRANEAN-DIET Coloribo: Mediterranean color-diet  by...
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Coloribo book: New Mediterranean Color-diet

    Tuesday, 28 August 2018 in the Center of Dune Costiere Park(...
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Apulian Private-chef Bice Perrini

What is Coloribo?  Coloribo is a way of eating that is inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean...
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