Choose a menu and then decide on the formula you like best, you can also decide the regional 
origin of the seasonal products used.

Of course I am Pugliese, but you can choose between the different regional delicacies, 
because I am a traveling cook and I move around all the time.

Indeed, I can sponsor for those who wish and have special productions, scattered throughout 
Italy, to make known and spread.

We can also organize dinners abroad but always with the home-friendly easy-colors formula.

The budget we establish together, the important thing is that there is a house that hosts us, 
a space, a place, a gallery, a kitchen and lots of nice people ready to taste a multi-sensory 
and colorful food-experience.

There are various options you can choose from:

1.Happy-hour Coloribo

2. Dinner at the social-eating table

3. Openings

4.Cooking labs

For info and prices do not hesitate to write to or call me 
on my mobile +39-3923281905!

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