What is Coloribo?  Coloribo is a way of eating that is inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean diet. It helps with losing weight, keeping a healthy heart and reducing the risk of diabetes. In other words, by stimulating your creativity and the five senses, it makes it easier to stay fit and live healthily.To maximize the benefits, the Coloribo diet must be combined  with regular, open air exercise like walking, cycling, or swimming in an open sea or lake. Second it must be connected to Art in all its forms: painting, music, dance, literature, theater and architecture.It is a lifestyle and a philosophy that aims to respect the changing of the seasons, biodiversity and the environment around us. The purpose of this work is to make this type of nutrition as popular as possible, because the stimulation of  all 5 senses will increase people’s energy levels and improves their lives in its entirety, thus, bringing each person to be more creative and reduce stress.Mankind is more productive when he is immersed in a state of total well- being, becoming more motivated to improve his quality of life.If we get used  thinking differently about food, by adding colors to our diet and not taking away the needed calories, we will add daily benefits and balance to our lives.The main ingredients in the Coloribo diet are: extra virgin olive oil, whole grains, legumes, blue fish, oil from seeds, dried nuts such as almonds, herbs and  fresh vegetables and fruits of all colors.Recommended daily portions are: 3 portions of unrefined cereals (pasta, rice, bread, spelled, oats), 3 portions of fruit, 6 portions of vegetables, 1 portion of milk and dairy products, 1 portion of legumes or seeds,  spices, herbs and extra virgin olive oil as condiments. Water should be drunk without limits. On a weekly basis there are 6 fish portions (preferably blue and rich in omega3s), 2 servings of white meat and poultry, 4-5 servings of olives, legumes and nuts, 3 portions of potatoes, 2 eggs and 3 cakes. Red meat should be eaten once a month, but it is better to avoid it if possible. For a weekly low calorie Mediterranean diet it is recommended to be mindful of the portions and not exceed recommended amount of condiments too much.  

BICE PERRINI private-chef


Bari/Cisternino Apulia 

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