My services

Coloribo works with public and private institutions, the headquarters are in Bari / Milan but Coloribo can operate everywhere Italy and abroad as it is a traveling workshop. Collaborations in progress: Abap (Association of Apulian Environmental Biologists); Istituto Eccelsa (cooking school); SlowFood; SiPuglia; Controradio (Passionfruit); Meeting Land (mass daddy); Eventi d’Autore; ResExtensa; Anchecinema; Auchan Bari; Corso Mazzini Bari Market; Bari; Mercato del Suffragio Milano; Cube comunicazione; Cucinamancina; Little (Ferrara kids Festival); Gal Terre di Murgia; Acquasale (typical Apulian products); Perchè ci credo (typical products); Tandem Association; Ministry of Public Education and local schools; Catering and Food-event Zerobriciole in Milan.

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