Tuesday, 28 August 2018 in the Center of Dune Costiere Park( www.parcodunecostiere.org)
Presentation of the COLORIBO book by Bice Perrini, painter and chef in the Mediterranean-style  .
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Mediterranean Color-diet 

 My name is Bice Perrini, I am an artist from Bari (Apulia) in Italy and I have always been fond of colors. Transferring my art onto food I  coined the term ‘Coloribo’ (which is a combination of the words ‘color and food’in italian).It is my attempt to invite people to paint with food, thus creating a Mediterranean-based  color diet.

By preparing creative and colourful recipes, I made Coloribo sauces. Its natural colors are made with seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. They a creative  flair to the table while helping  you  follow the diet at the same time.

Indeed, it is by eating first with your eyes and then with taste, that we can feel the vibrations of nature, reinventing a new concept of diet .

By reviewing the traditional recipe of how to make the typical tomato sauce – which used to be the yearly gathering of Puglia families  filling the streets with the smell of boiled tomatoes – and mixing together Mediterranean herbs (such as mint, sage and fennel) with local fresh fruits and vegetables, adding Apulian extra virgin olive oil and almonds (which is a natural thickener), I created a range of colours to eat. These are the Coloribo sauces. The motto of my sauces is ‘Eat colors, just like an artist, using the brush and the paint on a piece of bread and transforming the table into a canvas to paint on. Making colorful dishes and learn about all the seasonal products and their organoleptic properties. So the Coloribo diet will become a playful activity  that will accompany you throughout life.  

 I would like to add that Coloribo is a multisensory experience.The five senses help to add taste and complete the meals that we prepare daily: sight (by mixing together the colors of the chosen ingredients), smell (by adding frangran,t fresh local herbs to meals), touch (by eating with your hands), taste (by combining the natural food with drinks) and hearing (by playing  soothing classical music while enjoying our meal).

Finally, Coloribo also includes Art and Multisensory Events in the form of the colors and the creativity of the offered menus. 

Last but not the least, my chromatic and multisensory food theory is explained in my book Coloribo, so that I can leave a sign of an artistic and anthropological continuity surrounding  the concept of food that is considered  a rite for ‘physical and spiritual wellness’.        

    Bice Perrini


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