The New way to eat color following Mediterranean-diet

What makes us happy in life? Food is one of the pleasure of life and we remember what brought us pleasure. So with(in this book) Coloribo I try to find a universal feeding code through Mediterranean colors-food that encompasses the psycho-physical well-being of man. I’m an artist and chef too, I’m mother and father too, I’m happy and sad too, I’m sometimes rich at times poor, I’m fat and thin too, but I know very well that my body is like a temple needs spirit and matter color-full of oxygen.The oxygen of the spirit is Art, the oxygen of the body is Nature so we have to connect the two entities between a new way eating with colors that could be COLORIBO a creative Mediterranean color-diet, fitness and good for health and for world. 

Thank you for seeing the colors.

With love,                

                                                                          Bice Perrini  



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