Coloribo’s workshop: In the kitchen like in a painter’s studio

This part of my book is all dedicated to the Coloribo workshop for children and families. Food education for families is the fundamental basis for healthier people in the future. In this field, Art and a playful activity with Art are the keys to get closer to people’s imagination. This is the reason why I use the brush and not spoons or forks in my workshops. Coloribo Kids food labs are lovely workshops where families can eat, paint, and party as well. When the children understand that they can play by spreading the vegetable sauces on the bread with a brush,they become more interested in eating vegetables and fruit, so in the future they will possibly prefer a carrot cream sandwich over a peanut butter one. And if you show them a piece of art, they will also remember the name of the author (for example Kandinsky, Turner, Mirò, Picasso). Coloribo Kids  workshops don’t aim to the rational development of the mind but propose a playful activity that speaks to the heart and becomes empathic with them.

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