Yellow Menu

Pumpkin flowers, pepper extract with yellow apple, nuts, corn, caciocavallo cheese and much more.Radish salad with strawberries and oblong tomatoes .

Yellow symbolizes : Action, movement, vitality, fertility
Typical Ingredients are: turmeric, ginger, nuts, vanilla, pepper, lemon, zucchini flowers, yellow apple
Typical Nutrients are: vitamin C, antioxidants

Salad of boiled potatoes, corn and pumpkin flowers with chunks of cheese.

Crostini with turmeric.

Orecchiette (Typical fresh pasta of Apulia) with fennel sauce, yellow pepper with fresh chopped walnuts.

Chickpeas with curry.

Yellow fruit- salade.

Cake with vanilla and lemon cream.

Juice of yellow pepper, lemon, yellow apple, ginger, celery.

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