Music and Color-Painting


If we were able to observe the air during a concert we could see colors moving in the space. If you love music you can see it!

There are a lot of studies and treatises about this topic, but we are interesting to background music to eat well. 

There is a specific science on the subject closely related to music therapy. A light background of classical ,colorful pop or popular music, in harmony with color and flavor helps to digest the meal better and to enjoy it more serenely. I’m not opposed to rock music,  but classical and popular music is more readily available in order to facilitate harmonious relationships with food.

Here the list of music with the right shade and some example of weekly music  accompaniment:


Monday, white menu:


Queen dance, swan lake,Tchaikoski

  1. Wagner, Overture Tannhauser (full version)

Church of Jewish slaves by  Nabucco Act 3 of Verdi (integral)

Area of Suite N.3 in King Major of J. S. Bach (integral)

Ave verum of Mozart, the first 3 minutes

Prelude  op.11 N.1,Alexander Scriabin


Tuesday, yellow menu:



The four Seasons,op.8,The Spring of Vivaldi

Synphony  n.1 in SI flat major,op.38 “Spring”, Robert Schuman

Ludwig van Beethoven, sonata in FA major No.5,op.24,”The Spring”

New World Symphony, A. Dvorak side 2,sector 3,cheerful

Prelude,op.11,n.2,Alexander Scriabin




Wednesday, orange menu


Trovatore, Giuseppe Verdi’s Choir Act 2nd .

Concert n. 2 in do(ut)less than Rachmaminov(first movement).

In the seasons, Ciaikovski (March,April,May,June).

Daphnis et Chloe dawn of Ravel.

Prelude,op.11,n.22,Alexander Scriabin.


Thursday, violet menu


Prelude,op.52,n.2,Alexander Scriabin

Richard Wagner, Parsifal

Nabucco, introductory chorus by Verdi

The Beautiful Sleeping in the Woods,Tchaikoski



Friday, green menu


Coldplay, Up&Up

Christina Aguilera, Beautiful

Melody for harp and great orchestra of Saverio Mercadante

Handel, concert n.3 in G Major,HWV313

Poeme Fantastique op.45,n.2,Alexander Scriabin




Saturday, red menu


Bolero’s Ravel

Bartok music for string instruments

Rachmaminov, trio elegiaque n.2 op.9

Vers la flamme op.72,Alexander Scriabin

Viva la vida,Coldplay


Sunday, rainbow mix-color menu


Antonin Dvorak, Trio Dunky op.90

Handel, concert N.1HWC

N.4 in F major

N.5 in D minor,Hwv316

N.6 in D major,HWV317/337

Nuances op.56,n.3,Alexander Scriabin



Each of us has a melody to which he is fond it, through the auditory memory we can associate a given type of music with a color, on a particular day, which could become unique and unreapetable even for a brief pause lived in multisensorial armony.


 Bice Perrini 


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