Red Menu

Inspired by the Harmoni in Red by Matisse. It reflects the Mediterranean Diet, with garden fruits rich in lycopene and antioxidant anthocyanins that help the digestion.

Red symbolizes :  Excitement, energy, love, passion
Typical Ingredients: Red pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, goji berries, anise star  cherry tomatoes, strawberries, beets, cherries, wild rice
Typical Nutrients are: Vitamins, free radicals, iron, potassium.

Estratto di barbabietola rossa, mele rosse  e limone

Pane ai cereali con salse rosse( pomodori secchi, peperoncino, barbabietola).

Radish salad with strawberries and oblong tomatoes .

Wild red rice with red atzuky  beans and chili .

Bread  with sun-dried tomatoes sauce. Baked mullet in beetroot sauce with crumbles of staranice.


Petals of chocolate with goji berries.

Beetroot juice




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